Angie Hall

Office Administrator – Swainsboro

Office Phone: 478-237-2291


Prior to joining Sherman and Hemstreet, Angie dedicated much of her adult life to building a successful marketing career in the architectural and construction industry. She then tossed all of that aside and spent the next decade molding a small, squishy yet surprisingly resilient human being into a larger, less malleable, and much more opinionated tween girl. It was – and will continue to be – the best spent time of her life.

Having survived the fiery gauntlet of full-time parenting with most of her faculties intact, Angie decided that she was better equipped than ever to go back to work with other grown-ups. She has joined the Sherman and Hemstreet office in Swainsboro and brings with her a dry sense of humor and the handy ability to carry more bags of groceries in a single trip than a pack mule.