Zack Hartman

Sales Agent

Augusta, Statesboro, Swainsboro

Office Phone: 706-922-0395


Zack, a native of Augusta, GA, commenced his career journey with Sherman and Hemstreet in 2017. Initially focused on property management across the southeast, Zack dedicated himself to identifying and addressing challenges within low-income housing communities to enhance property value for his clients.

His unwavering passion for real estate and his adeptness in building strong client relationships soon led Zack to expand his portfolio to encompass various income-producing properties. Leveraging his extensive property management experience, Zack assists property owners in comprehending the true value of their assets and navigating the dynamic real estate market.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Zack finds fulfillment in working with his hands, whether it’s building or fixing things, and cherishes spending time outdoors with friends and family. His multifaceted skill set, coupled with his dedication to providing exceptional service, positions Zack as a valuable asset in the realm of real estate.