Augusta Commercial Property Management

We Adopt Your Goals and Values As Our Own

We bring a three-pronged approach to our commercial property management operations. First, we ensure that your property is operating at a high occupancy rate through both aggressive leasing strategies and tenant retention plans. Second, we engage in proactive management practices to increase profits while minimizing expenditures in order to drive the net operating income up. Third, we ensure that through preventative maintenance planning and long-term goal achievement, you are always receiving the highest return possible.

Occupancy rate. A commercial property without tenants is not an asset that brings much value to its owners. We understand that and we engage in a very aggressive leasing program to ensure that your property is not sitting vacant. Between coordinating active searches for tenants, employing a variety of advertising strategies, including social media campaigns, advertising campaigns, and word-of-mouth solicitations, we work hard to ensure that your properties have tenants and are producing a positive revenue stream. We also make sure to keep reliable tenants in your property, ensuring your revenue keeps coming in and the property is able to pay for itself.

Net operating income strategies. Net operating income (“NOI”) is the income derived from a rental property after all the operating and other expenses have been accounted for. We engage in a dual strategy to ensure the highest NOI possible.

On the one hand, we aggressively pursue tenants to ensure a high occupancy rate; on the other we actively search out and analyze contractors to ensure that you are getting high quality service at the lowest rate available. These two ongoing activities ensure that you are receiving the highest revenue stream at the lowest cost available, resulting in an increased NOI. By allowing us to manage the entire process of caring for your property, we are able to minimize expenditures and maximize your returns.

Real estate performance. A significant part of commercial property management is maintaining and even increasing the value of the property so the investment brings a healthy return upon the event of its sale. We manage your commercial properties with an eye towards the future, actively engaging in value-preservation and value-increasing activities. This has the effect of bringing you greater values not only from the income stream derived from rental activities but also from the return realized upon the sale of the properties.

When we manage your commercial property, we view it through the eyes of an owner; we adopt your goals and values as our own and manage the property accordingly. We work with you to ensure that an open communication pathway is maintained at all times and that your needs and wishes are being met.

With over 90 years of experience in commercial property management, we are adept at the intricacies of the industry. We manage properties as small as 1,000 square feet and as large as over 100,000 square feet. Whatever your need may be, we have the solution. Contact us today for an evaluation of your property and an analysis of the NOI returns it could bring you when it is properly managed.